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Gamberaio Olive Oil

Our olive cultivars (type of plants) are among the most popular species, such as the “Frantoio“, the “Moraiolo“, the “Pendolino” and the “Leccino” olive cultivars, plus one sub-variety, the “Leccio del Corno”.

Mixing the species the right way means being able to produce a high quality olive oil, defending our plants from seasonal pests and let them grow without chemicals at our seasonal temperatures.

Gamberaio olive oil is available at the villa for our guests: would you fancy an olive oil tasting?

    • GAMBERAIO OLIVE OIL 0,50CL Bottle € 15,00 vat included

    • GAMBERAIO OLIVE OIL 0,75CL Bottle € 20,00 vat included 

Gamberaio’s Horticolture

Horticulture might be defined as the activity of growing flowers, fruits, vegetables and other ornamental plants, and the science or art of cultivating a garden.

Niccolo’ is our horticulture expert, and we all believe in growing our own products. Horticulture is a great way to lessen groceries, but most of all It lowens our fossil fuel emissions and our carbon foot print.

We are saving about 2 pounds of carbon from entering the atmosphere for each pound of produce that we grow, since food is being shipped across the planet.

    • GAMBERAIO BASKET with HOME GROWN Vegetables € 38,00 vat included .

    Our Gamberaio basket with seasonal products includes all the homegrown products of our land, including many varieties of tomatoes, onions and salads, plus cucumber, courgette, aubergine and pepper.

    Fresh fruits are also included in the basket with a 50cl bottle of GAMBERAIO Olive Oil

  • Ask us our BASKET before your arrival: you will find it in the Kitchen, ready for you!