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Niccolò Lavuri


Donatella Sacchi

Owner, enterpreneur, mum

Virginia Lavuri


Our Family

As a family we have decided to start something of our own, and we meant to start it right here, within the hills we have been living among forever: Villa Gamberaio is a shared project for us, but moreover is the result of our passion, work and shared love.

We are not just making a business out of it: we are building memories to share with our beloved guests from all over the world. 

Our Team

Villa Gamberaio is a home to us, but it must feel like a home to our guests, too.

That’s why we have a team of people committed to the best outcome for our guests holidays and for our farming products.

Our team is made by owners and consultants, and it is fully dedicated to creating the best conditions for your holidays in Tuscany. 

Alessandra De Paola

Sales and Marketing

Niccolò Lavuri

Head of farming and growing

Virginia Lavuri

Accounting & Hospitality


Professional petting, mummy’s love



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